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August 14, 2000: The MRT CVS tree is now online at SourceForge.

January 21, 2000: Windows2000/NT4+ binaries now available for IPv4 and IPv6.

January 18, 2000: New MRT-2.2.0a release supports Solaris 2.8 and includes NT source code.

December 1, 1999: New MRT-2.1.1a release provides support for multiple views.

October 21, 1999: PIMv6-DM runs with KAME IPv6 on FreeBSD 3.2 in new MRT-2.0.1a release.

April 17, 1999: The MRTd team announces next 6-month development schedule.

February 1999: CAIRN Adopts MRT as Backbone Routing Software

January 1999: MRT Joins Industry/University Consortium, Focuses on Creating Global Standards

December 1998: MRT Joins International Collaborative Research Project

The MRT project is researching new routing software architectures, protocols and tools. Software developed to date includes multi-protocol IPv4/IPv6 routing daemons and routing analysis/simulation tools. MRT software is in active use providing stress testing of commercial routers, collecting and analyzing Internet routing traffic for researchers, and serving as the primary routing software connecting networks to the Internet and the 6Bone.

MRT software binaries and source code are freely available. MRT source code and binaries may be freely modified and redistributed as long as the University of Michigan copyright notice is included in the redistribution. This research is funded by the National Science Foundation (NCR-9318902, NCR-9612764).

MRTd 2.2.0 BGP4+/BGP/RIPng/RIP2 routing software (now includes DVMRP and PIM-DM):
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Drop us a line if you are using the software -- we'd love to hear from you at mrt-discuss@merit.edu. Bug reports and questions/comments welcome. To subscribe to the list, send a request to mrt-discuss-request@merit.edu. Archives of this list are available at http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/mrt/html/threads.html.

RICD 1.0.0a ,  [new] a HQLIP/SRSVP implementation, is now available. RICD works with the latest release of MRT (2.1.2a). HQLIP and SRSVP are replacements of QoS-based MOSPF and RSVP, respectively. Information about the protocols is available from the Real Internet Consortium .

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